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Summers Over Already?!?

August 21, 2011

It seems like only a few days ago school was letting out.  Little man wrapped up kindergarten, I saw my students successfully through the AP Statistics exam, and Jon was starting up his last semester of school.  Tomorrow’s the big day though!  Collin’s off to first grade, I get a fresh batch of students… and Jon takes his licensing exam!! The good?  Jon’s done (!!!!!!!) and Collin is excited about his new class.  The bad?  I am so not a fan of his new teacher.  I’d never tell him, but the last time I had this feeling about a teacher ended up being a really traumatizing year for Collin.  His VPK teacher ended up being a yeller, and totally tried to squish any amount of creativity out of those kids.  A plastic toy tiger can too fly… if your 4 and you think it should!  I don’t want to be THAT mom, so I’ll let it lie for now, maybe I’m wrong.  But maybe I’m not.  My mothers intuition is screaming, and I’ve only spent an hour in a room with the lady.

I’ll spend tomorrow thinking happy thoughts… when I get a moment to think!  First day of school madness approaches, and even though this is my 9th year doing this I still feel like there’s at least 3 more things I could do to prepare for tomorrow.  My happy thought for tomorrow?  Taking Collin and Jon to Niagara Falls to visit the University I went to and all of my friends.  Went to the Falls themselves and had a blast on Goat Island doing the Cave of the Winds walk.  Watching Collin revel in standing on the ‘hurricane deck’ under all a gushing torrent of water was a great moment for me.  There’s nothing like standing under a true wonder of nature with two of the people I love the most to call me to  appreciate the beauty of the life God has given me.

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