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Leaf Art and Leaf Bugs

August 11, 2011

Today was a busy day with the little man!  My sister Marcie is in town and she’s been browsing a website called Pinterest ( and found a whole bunch of really cool arts and crafts ideas to do with Collin.  I still haven’t had time to fully explore Pinterest… I’ll have to get back to that!  First up on the list was leaf art, so they went out into the back yard and gathered all of the interesting leaves they could find.  You wouldn’t think there would be that many down here in the land of palm trees, but they found some cool ones!  The basic gist is that you place a leaf into a tray of acrylic paints then lay the leaf on a piece of paper.


The hard part was making sure that we didn’t have too much paint on the leaf, all we got then was a multicolored blob.

Est Voila!  Leaf art!  We had gotten some canvases to put them on, but we liked our trial run so well I think we’re just going to put them into shadowbox frames.  We were having so much fun that last minute we decided to dip squirts feet into the paint and make foot butterflies:

And since leafs seemed to be the theme for today, later when we were at the pool we saw a leaf bug chilling by the side!

I never realized how cat-like bugs could be!  While we were watching it, it was ‘preening’.  It was kind of cool watching it fold its back legs up, bring them forward and then clean them with its mouth like a cat would.  My son, the bug expert, was almost giddy out of his mind to find a leaf bug and 2 crickets at the pool today.  Pretty good for a Thursday!



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