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When good haircuts go bad…

August 10, 2011

Ever have one of those hair dresser moments where about 30 seconds after the first snip of the scissors you know right away it’s not going to turn out well?  File this one under “You get what you pay for”. Yesterday I took my son to the local Hair Cuttery… they’re running a promotion right now where if you take your child in for a hair cut they’ll donate a haircut to a child in need.  Sounds good… and Collin’s cut came out just adorable and exactly what I asked her for.  So, as a spur of the moment decision I decided to cut mine as well.  The hot Florida weather during the summer makes just about any girl think, in the middle of a heat induced stupor, that short hair sounds like an awesome idea!  So here we go:

The new 'doMaybe I’m being too picky… or maybe it’s just the shock of loss of hair… but I just don’t like it.  She just didn’t listen to what I wanted… short, angled, just below the jaw line and whispy.  I got a bob instead.  Oh well… bright side?  In about 2 months I can slink into my normal girl and beg her forgiveness 🙂  Live and learn, right?

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