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Summers almost gone, kindergarten is almost here

August 15, 2010

It’s almost school time again, which comes early here in Florida.  Collin’s first day of kindergarten is Thursday (the 19th)… and I know I’m supposed to be all sad and stuff, but honestly, I’m really excited!  I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow through each stage of his life… and he’s such an outdoor “man’s man” kind of boy that as he ages we get to do more and more really awesomely fun stuff with him!  I’m looking forward to our first camping trip once its a little cooler, and of course there’s white water rafting in a year or two, he already snorkels… you get where I’m going here.  I think he’s the most excited about kindergarten though.  He’s picked out a new bookbag, he’s got some of his school supplies, and he talks about it incessantly.  I figured as a special treat to end the summer on a high note I’d take him and his best friend Chloe to our local Monkey Joes, which is basically a huge room (ours is in an old grocery store) filled with various types of bounce houses.

Normally admission is $9, which is awesome for a days worth of bouncing and running and fun.  I had a coupon for $5 off admission though, making it $4!  Monkey Joes has everything a parent could want… a concession stand, free WiFi, tv’s, and endless entertainment for the kids

Almost immediately the two rushed off, but sitting in the middle of the bounce houses I was able to easily keep an eye on them.  They also have “referees” on staff to make sure the kids don’t push, shove, run or otherwise create mayhem.  Needless to say Collin and Chloe had about as much fun as 2 kids can cram into a few hours.  I think our little end of summer celebration was a success!  Now I only have 10 short months to plan our “end of school” celebration! 🙂

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