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Do all kids hate getting their hair cut?

August 10, 2010

So after much cajoling and bribing, my son agreed to go get his hair cut.  It’s been a few months coming.  What can I say, my little beach bum LOVES having long shaggy hair.  The final agreement was that he had to go with his 2 cousins, who as far as Collin is concerned, are the coolest kids on the face of the earth.  There also had to be a cookie at the end… ya know, something to look forward to.  So here is Shaggy himself before the hair cut:

He’s all smiles… but is still trying to weasel his way out of a haircut.  I figured to make it easier I’d surf the net with him and try to pick out a haircut he likes.  This is what he chose:

It’s a good compramise… he wanted long hair, I want it out of his ears.

Reason #342 why I know my son doesn’t understand sarcasm as much as he thinks he does: He rode there in my sister-in-laws car, so I had to get his seat back to put it back where it belongs in my car.  My older nephew Matty climbed into the back for Collin to get the seat.  When he came out Collin’s response was “Thanks Matty, your a peach”

When it’s Collin’s turn there’s the usual wiggling, giggling and protesting.  Dawn (the hairdresser) has a 7 year old version of Collin, so even though he wiggled like his life depended on it, there isn’t one crooked cut, snipped ear, or hair out  of place… she’s amazing like that!  So after a lot of whining, bargaining and wiggling, here is the final product:

No more hair in the ears!!  And he got to keep his long golden locks up top… he’s silly like that.  Although, it left me wondering.  After 2 months of negotiations, is every 5 year old this hard to get into a hairdressers chair?

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